Chemistry Division

Industrial Partnering

The Industry Connection

Industrial partnering has a special place in the national laboratories. An important part of our mission is to promote American industrial competitiveness by providing unique R&D capabilities to US companies. We do not compete for market-share; competition with US industries is contrary to our directive. Instead, we test ideas and concepts and help companies bring products to prototype or help develop new and more efficient methods of producing products or services.

To meet a wide variety of needs, Los Alamos has developed more than ten different formalized mechanisms for research partnerships. We can accommodate any level of help you require, from performing a few experiments under proprietary conditions (you tell us what to do and we do it) to long-term, cooperative research projects.

We also work with small businesses, and we have extensive experience with the unique R&D needs of small and startup companies.

There are two main offices for technology transfer at Los Alamos, the Industrial Business Development (IBD) office and the Technology Commercialization Office (TCO). Together, they oversee all aspects of industrial interactions.

The Industrial Business Development Office

The IBD office specializes in many different kinds of agreements and licenses.

  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreements
  • Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Technical Assistance
  • Sponsored R&D
  • Small Business Agreements
  • Services/Materials
  • User Facilities

The Technology Commercialization Office

The TCO specializes in entrepreneurship, community outreach, training and development, consulting, and much more. The TCO's role is to develop ways to use emerging Laboratory technologies to stimulate new high-tech business start-ups; create job opportunities; and attract entrepreneurs, businesses, and capital to northern New Mexico.

Visiting Scientist

Visiting scientists come to work with Los Alamos personnel and take advantage of the unique resources Los Alamos has to offer.

Reconstruction of the SCF

Chemistry Division’s Supercritical Fluids Research Facility, one of the larger user facilities in Chemistry Division, recently moved to a new building and upgraded its equipment.

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