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Celebrating the International Year of Chemistry, 2011

The Chemistry Division and Los Alamos National Laboratory are helping to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry through a series of activities and lectures. Our goal, which is consonant with the greater goal of the United Nations and IUPAC, is to educate concerning the discipline of chemistry and share some of our excitement concerning the wonders of chemistry.


  • WSST Fest – An educational booth was set up for Laboratory workers at the Worker Safety and Security Team Festival on July 13th. This event was LANL only.
  • Bradbury Science Museum event – August 15-17. A week of activities was held at the Bradbury science museum, in coordination with the Los Alamos schools.
  • Materials donations August. The Laboratory sponsored a donation of glassware and equipment to Northern New Mexico Community College.
  • The Next Big Idea – September 16-17. Chemistry Division had a booth and activities at the Next Big Idea festival.
  • Interview with the Chemistry Division Leader – An interview with the Los Alamos Monitor with the new Chemistry Division Leader to discuss chemistry at the Laboratory and the International Year of Chemistry was published October 24th.
  • Periodic Table Poster Contest – In October and November, the Laboratory will sponsor a Periodic Table poster contest for schools in Northern New Mexico. Details to be announced.
  • High Tech Halloween – The Bradbury Science Museum and Chemistry Division staff hosted a High Tech Halloween on October 28th.
  • Movie Marie Curie – November 7th, Marie Curie's birthday. [LANL Only. See the LANL calendar].
  • Presentation: The Centennial of Mme Curie’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry: What Her Public Memory Can Tell Us About the Changing Status of Women in Science – by Dr. Pnina G. Abir-Am, Resident Scholar, Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University.
    Bradbury Science Museum, Los Alamos
    October 12th, 2011
    Talks at 3pm and 5pm.
    This talk is open to the public.
    [Learn More]
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