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Chemistry Division serves the Laboratory's core national security mission areas of weapons science and threat reduction with innovative chemical science and technology. Our capabilities are also essential for the emerging mission areas of energy security, civilian-sector R&D, and industrial partnering. Chemistry capabilities include analytical chemistry and measurement science; physical chemistry and molecular spectroscopy; isotope and actinide science; nuclear and radiochemistry; nanoscience; material processing and characterization; and chemical engineering. Please visit our Research Highlights.

Please explore our web pages so that you may get to know us better. If you have questions concerning any of the technologies or capabilities described on these pages, please either contact the appropriate group leader or the Chemistry division office.

News from Chemistry

Interview with a LANL scientist

Interview with a LANL scientist
Jeri Sullivan Graham of Chemical Diagnostics and Engineering (C-CDE) talks about the "water and energy nexus" and her work assisting state government through the Brackish Water working group in a Santa Fe Radio Cafe interview at 8:05 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4, on Santa Fe Radio Station KSFR 101.1 FM. 8/3/15

Four Los Alamos projects selected as R&D 100 Award finalists: A team uses the PipeLIBS tool, which can quickly assess the condition of a pipe.

Four Los Alamos projects selected as R&D 100 Award finalists
Two of the finalists are from Chemistry Division: LARS: Lab-scale Asynchronous Radiographic System and PipeLIBS: A Self-Contained Elemental Analysis Tool for the Oil Industry. 7/27/15

Technology out of Los Alamos may help better diagnose diseases

Technology out of Los Alamos may help better diagnose disease
Los Alamos, N.M. (KRQE) - A serious and highly contagious disease recently made a comeback in New Mexico. Just last month, health officials out of Clovis had to test more than 100 Curry County residents after a man came down with Tuberculosis. 7/8/15

Fuel from the fire

Fuel from the fire
The Lab’s goal is to create new materials for use in advanced nuclear fuels which are safer and more efficient than those currently burned in reactors. Technical contact is Jackie Veauthier. 6/15/15

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