Chemistry Division

Synthesis and Physics of Integrated Nanomaterials

This team encompasses both intricate control in the generation of functional chemicals and materials, mainly centered around conjugated systems, carbon nanotubes and biomaterials. In addition, this teams develops advanced spectroscopy and spectral microscopy tools for the study of these materials and how these materials can be used, for example, in next generation solar cells and detection platforms.

SERS for catalysis.ChemCam - SERS for Catalyisis
A new method of using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) that can be used to catalyze and monitor chemicalreactions garnered the cover of ChemComm in 2013.The technique has been recognized as a powerful and non-destructive tool for chemical analysis and sensing applications due to its high sensitivity and specificity.

Better understanding of actinide storage containers.
Advances in the understanding of potential corrosion events have lead to better management of DOE 3013 actinide long-term storage containers. The containers are designed to hold plutonium oxide generated at various U.S. Department Of Energy. Container integrity is vital for safety and environmental reasons. The PCS team investigated the relationships between exposure conditions and time on the depth/shape distribution of corrosion pits on stainless steel coupons shaped like teardrops. The results led to the re-evaluation of current pit growth and the stress corrosion-cracking (SCC) models for the DOE-3013 actinide storage container’s lifetime.
Better understanding of actinide storage containers.


April 2014

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