Chemistry Division

Enternal Collaborators

  • Steven Graves, UNM
  • Jim Keen, Univ Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Charles Farrar, NMC, UCSD


  • Clifton Barry III, Head of the tuberculosis research section, NIAI
  • Laura Via, Tuberculosis Research section, NIAI
  • Ray Waters, USDA
  • Masan National Hospital, Masan, South Korea
  • Dr. Ray Cho, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

Breast Cancer

  • Jack Shively, Beckman Research institute, City of Hope, CA
  • Dr. John Yim, Beckman Research institute, City of Hope, CA


  • Dr. Suri Iyer, U. Cincinnati
  • Dr. Hong Cai, Mesa Biotech


  • Dr. Nile Hartman, nGiMat, Atlanta
  • Spectrum Thin Films LTD.

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