Chemistry Division


  • Basil I. Swanson, Scientist, B-7 and PI, LANL Biosensor team
    Basil has a Ph. D in chemistry and over 35 years of research experience and greater than 350 research publications. He has served on numerous review and editorial boards. He is a laboratory fellow and the deputy division leader for chemistry at LANL. Basil's hobbies include books and skiing.
  • Harshini Mukundan, Scientist, Chemistry [read more]
    Harshini has a Ph. D in biomedical sciences and over a decade of research experience and is the principal investigator on four different biosensor projects. Current interests include rapid detection of thrid world country diseases, especially tuberculosis, control of veterinary and agricultrual pathogens and bio-threat reduction. In her spare time, Harshini loves to spend time with her family, cook, read and hike.
  • Jurgen G. Schmidt Scientist, Biosciences
    Jurgen has a Ph. D in chemistry and over two decades of experience in using synthetic chemistry and stable isotopes for biological applications. Jurgen is one of the key players in the laboratory's associations with the Centers for Disease control. He leads the carbohydrate ligand and siderophore chemistry efforts of the LANL biosensor team.
  • Aaron S. Anderson, Technologist, Chemistry
    Aaron has a masters degree in chemistry and is responsible for the synthetic chemistry effort of the LANL biosensor team. Aaron was primarily responsible for the development of the functional silane-based monolayers that are being used for waveguide-functionalization by the team. Aaron is involved in the chemistry efforts on four different projects of the sensor team. Aaron loves the outdoors, is an avid skier and loves to play music.
  • W. Kevin Grace, Technologist, Chemistry
    Kevin has over 25 years of optical research experience and was involved in the development of the waveguide-based sensor and the handheld instrument. Kevin is responsible for the instrumentation and engineering of the biosensor(s) developed by the group. Kevin enjoys the outdoors, is an avid skier and loves to dance.
  • Srinivas Iyer, Scientist, Biosciences
    Srinivas is responsible for the mass spectrosopic characterization of the biomarkers of interest to the biosensor team. He heads the profile and marker development efforts. Srinivas loves sports and skiing and enjoys the great outdoors.
  • Jennifer S. Martinez, Scientist, Centers for Integrated nanotechnologies
    Jen is actively involved in waveguide-associated research and development and s a key collaborator for nanoparticle conjugation and biosensing. She has actively collabroated with the group on several projects and is currently working on pheromone-based sensing mechanisms.
  • Andrew Bradbury, Scientist, Biosciences
    Andrew leads a ligand development team, primarily using combinatorial phage display. Andrew is responsible for the development of specific ligands for some tuberculosis-antigens using combinatorial chemistry.
  • Bette Korber, Scientist, Theoretical Biology and Biophysics
    Bette is an accomplished scientist and EO Lawrence Awardee that has spear-headed HIV research in the world. She collaborates with the sensor team on a project involving HIV-TB co-infection and is the principal investigator for the effort
  • Andrew M. Dattelbaum, Scientist, Centers for Integrated Nanotechnology
    Andrew is a key collaborator on the synthetic chemistry and nanoparticle efforts and was one of the major players, with Aaron, in the development of the silane-based surfaces
  • Karen M. Grace, ISR4
    Karen is one of the primary (lead) engineers involved in the development of the waveguide-based system and the hand held instrument.
  • Dr. Jennifer Foster-Harris, Scientist, Bioscience Division
    Jennifer is responsible for the biological characterization on the influenza project and heads the viral culture, characterization and efforts, that contribute to the detection effort of the sensor team.

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