Chemistry Division

Chemistry for Biomedical Applications

This team focuses on the application of physical and organic chemistry concepts to biomedical applications. The work spans basic research on the nature of protein function and the production of high value chemicals from algae to applied research, such as several projects from a variety of sponsors which focus on the sensitive and specific detection of biomarkers of disease in humans and animals, and the development of integrated global biosurveillance systems.

Rapid, fieldable detection of live pathogens.Rapid, fieldable detection of live pathogens
Identification of viable bacteria in a complex environment is scientifically challenging. Current detection and diagnostic techniques are inadequate in major public health emergencies such as outbreaks of food-borne illness PCS researchers have developed a better technique for quick, fieldable detection of live pathogens using selective surface-functionalized chemistry. The method eliminates the need for laboratory culture and greatly speeds the process.


April 2014

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