Chemistry Division

Program and Sample Examples

The Countroom has supported a number of diverse programs and has counted some interesting samples in the past. In addition to the other previously discussed programs, the Countroom has supported:

  • The Subury Neutrino Observatory program
  • Acceleration production of tritium & accelerator - transmutation of waste programs
  • Hanford Tank waste remediation
  • Incinerator off-gas monitoring projects
  • Nevada Test Site radionuclide migration project

Development Areas

The Countroom team is working an aggressive modernization effort to develop new analytical instruments, methods and software. The Countroom is also developing custom measurement systems and methods.

Areas of Research Interest

The Countroom is researching low background counting and spectroscopy systems, specialized spectroscopy systems (for example, HPGe Clover System) and data acquisition hardware and techniques.

Historically significant Beta Counter #6, dating back to 1951 with J. R. Oppenheimer's name on the distribution list

Historically significant Beta Counter #6, dating back to 1951 with J. R. Oppenheimer’s name on the distribution list.

Automated Beta Counter

Operational Systems

50+ HPGe Detectors - 11 automated, 7 well detectors, 1 detector in continuous use since 1978

15 Beta Counters - Approximately 100 Alpha Counters, 5 Nal (Tl) Detectors

Germanium Detector Systems

One of the Countroom’s automated high purity Germanium Detector Systems

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