Chemistry Division

Countroom Operations

The countroom facility occupies 7000 square feet at LANL Technical Area 48. Using a mixture of manualautomated counting systems, the Countroom operates 24x7x365.24. The Countroom typically makes 70,000 measurements annually, where approximately

  • 30,000 are gamma spectra,
  • 30,000 are beta counts, and
  • 10,000 are alpha spectra.

Countroom Data

The Countroom-developed, database-backed, web visualization tools allow the user to view, analyze, extract, perform quality assurance checks, and report data. New tools are added regularly as needs arise.

Current Countroom Programs

70% National Security Programs

  • Multiple agencies, including Department of Defense

20% Internally funded

  • For example, Plutonium Bioassay

10% Other misc. programs

  • Medical Radioisotopes
  • Separations chemistry
  • Advanced methods development
(top) A Gamma spectrum from the web system. (bottom) The Countroom also has databse-backed web visulaization tools for its users.

A Gamma spectrum from the web system. The Countroom also has database web visualization tools for its users.

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