Chemistry Division

Nuclear and Radiochemistry

The Nuclear and Radiochemistry group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) provides vital radiochemical and radioanalytical capabilities to a wide range of programs. These programs include maintenance and stewardship of the nuclear stockpile, nuclear nonproliferation, environmental management, international safeguards, repository validation, and civilian nuclear energy programs. NR performs research and addresses immediate mission needs for sponsors in nuclear weapons, global security, and for those requiring the use of radioanalytical and radiochemical handling capabilities at a range of (radio) activity levels. Current major sponsors include the National Nuclear Security Administration, other federal agencies (Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, etc.), and LANL institutional support. Basic and applied research is conducted in support of radiochemistry and radioanalytical methods, nuclear chemistry and physics, and inorganic chemistry. The following are areas targeted for expansion:

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Nonproliferation and consequence management
  • Nuclear physics and chemistry in support of weapons certification
  • Low-level environmental analysis in support of national security missions

Keys to success in these areas will be internal and external (e.g. university) interactions with collaborators that have expertise in nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry, weapons physics, radioanalytical methods, nuclear materials handling and analysis, and molecular science in support of separations chemistry. Key collaborations currently exist throughout LANL.


Technologist loading samples for thermal ionization mass spectrometry.

Technologist loading samples for thermal ionization mass spectrometry.

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