Chemistry Division

Supporting Capabilities

Chemical Analysis and Spectroscopy

GC, GC/MS, HPLC, DSC, TGA, ICP, electrochemical analysis, optical, Raman, and IR spectroscopy

In situ spectroscopies (IR, UV-Vis, NIR, NMR, Raman, GC/MS, IR-GC-MS)

Powder X-ray diffraction

Multiple instruments equipped to measure both nonradioactive and radioactive materials

Molecular structure and dynamics

Solution and solid-state multinuclear NMR spectroscopy

Chemical and materials synthesis

Inert atmosphere techniques for handling air- and moisture-sensitive compounds nonradioactive and radioactive

Hydrothermal synthesis of porous materials

Organic synthesis of ligand systems

Solid-state synthesis of materials

Organometallic synthesis

Inorganic synthesis

Novel media to support materials synthesis and catalysis (ionic liquids, CO2, etc.).


100 MeV Isotope Production Facility

Energetic reaction containment vessels

Variety of gas-solid reaction and characterization capabilities

Hepa-filtered Be transuranic facilities

Low-level rad facilities (RC-1)

Mid-level rad facilities (CMR)

Hot Cells (RC-1, CMR, IPF)

’Hot’ and ’Cold’ chemistry lab space

Vessel Preparation Facility (DAHRT)

January 2012

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