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Unique Experimental

Inert Box

The inert box equipment is located at TA35, 85W. The system is a VAC system run under an inert nitrogen atmosphere. The atmosphere is cleaned of oxygen and moisture contamination to the ppm level. This equipment can be used to control the environment for sample preparation, chemical and material handling and short and long term aging studies. The system creates a controlled environment for controlled experiments.

  • Radiological Alpha Contact studies

Contact: Chris Leibman (505) 665-6789

Plasma Treatment Chamber, TA 46, Bld 46, Room B7

Variable power (10-1000 Watts), variable pressure (120-2000 milliTorr), RF-based plasma system, with multiple process gas inputs for facile generation of Ar, O2, H2 plasmas in a large working volume. The system has been shown to be effective in generating plasmas capable of modifying and cleaning real-world (i.e. dirty, machined) surfaces with complex geometries (for instance, piles of machining turnings). The oxygen, argon, and hydrogen plasmas generated in this system would be effective at surface chemical modification for a range of polymeric materials. The applications for these polymer modifications include enhancing adhesion characteristics, tailoring material hydrophobicity (and resultant reactivity), or promoting thin-film attachment to polymer surfaces.

  • In-situ, interfacial and solid study
  • Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) (C-PCS)
  • Gas Mixin
  • Cryo Microtome

Contact: Kim Meadows (505) 665-3838

Febuary 2012

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