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This section links you to pages of publication information for staff members of the Supercritical Fluids Team. The links below provide general document information only. You can view the documents themselves by accessing the LANL Online Research Library. We also still have a few key documents available in pdf format.

Kirk Hollis

  • Jacobson, G., Williams, L., Hollis, W., Barton, J., Taylor, C., "SCORR — supercritical carbon dioxide resist removal", (2002), (LA-UR-02-0784).
  • Koel, M., Ljovin, S., Hollis, K., Rubin, J., "Using Neoteric Solvents in Oil Shale Studies", (2001), (Pure Appl. Chem. V73 No. 1: 153-159).
  • Hollis, W., Taylor, C., "Assessment and Repair of SFE Moisture Determination System Deployed to Handord PFP", (2001), (LA-UR-01-5788).
  • Jacobson, G., Williams, L., Hollis, W., Barton, J., Taylor, C. SCORR — Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Resist Removal", (2001), (LA-UR-01-6653).
  • Stephens, T., Powell, S., Havrilla, G., Labouriau, A., Jacobson, G., Hollis, K., Schoonover, J., Villareal, R., Field, L., LAB4 "Studies in Polymer Aging Mechanisms" FY01 Progress Report, (2001), (LA-UR-01-6453).
  • Villarreal, R., Field, L., Bustos, L., Sandoval, W., Hollis, K., "Headspace Gas Sampling of Remote-Handled Transuranic Waste Containers at Los Alamos National Laboratory", FY'00 Status Report, (2000), (LA-UR-00-5213).
  • Martinez, A., Hollis, W., Ziock, H., Guthrie, G., Chipera, S., Lackner, K., "Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide by Carbonation of Minerals at Supercritical Fluid Conditions", (2000), (LA-UR-00-4286).
  • Martinez, A., Hollis, W., Rubin, J., Taylor, C., Jasperson, M., Vance, D., Rodriguez, J., "A Novel Analytical Method for the Determination of Residual Moisture in Plutonium Dioxide: Supercritical Fluid Extraction/Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy", (1999), (LA-UR-99-0094).
  • Toupadakis, A., Bender, B., Davis, C., Foster, L., Hollis, W., Horrell, D., Martinez, C., Mason, R., Wilson, E., "Materials Identification and Surveillance Project Item Evaluation: Item: Rocky Flats Plutonium Oxide Sample 011589", (1998), (LA-UR-98-2005).
  • Rubin, J., Hollis, W., Wilson, K., Morales, L., Taylor, C., "Evaluation of Supercritical Fluid Carbon Dioxide Extraction as an Alternative Method for Moisture Determination in Plutonium Dioxide Powders", (1997), (LA-UR-97-3665).
  • Allen, T. et al., "Materials Identification and Surveillance Project Item Evaluation: Item: Impure Mixture of Plutonium Oxide and uranium Oxide", (1997), (LA-13295-MS).
  • Allen, T. et al., "Materials Identification and Surveillance Project Item Evaluation: Item: Impure Plutonium Dioxide and Pure Plutonium Oxide", (1997), (LA-13246-MS).

Jerry King

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