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Supercritical Fluids Posters

From this area of the Supercritical Fluids site, you have access to images used for various poster sessions over the years.

  1. Supercritical Fluid CO2 Extraction for Moisture Determination in Plutonium Dioxide Powders — A New DOE Standard for the Materials Identification and Surveillance Program
  2. Next-Generation Cements Using Industrial Wastes and Supercritical CO2 Treatment
  3. CO2-Based Supercritical Fluids as Replacements for Photoresist-Stripping Solvents
  4. Replacement of Drycleaning Solvents
  5. Ionic Liquids for the Selective Extraction of Estonian Oil Shale
  6. Biphasic Catalysis in Water/Carbon Dioxide Micellar Systems
  7. SCORR
  8. Worldwide Impact on Water Resources Resulting from Applications of Supercritical Fluids in the Semiconductor Industry
  9. Isolation of Polyphenolic Compounds from Elderberry Using Sub-Critical Water Extraction
  10. Sno-Gun Lubricant
  11. Critical Fluid Technology for Water, Energy and Biomass Conservation or Conversion
  12. Pressurized Water Extraction: Resources and Techniques for Optimizing Analytical Applications

May 21/2008

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