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Partnering Opportunities

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The C-CDE Supercritical Fluids Application Team has extensive experience working with partners, and we are actively seeking companies or groups whose products or processes might be enhanced by supercritical fluids. We are interested in performing research to address industrial, environmental, and natural resource challenges. We can help companies improve on existing techniques or develop novel methodologies for many processes.

Industrial partnering has a special place at LANL. An important part of our mission is to promote American industrial competitiveness by providing unique R&D capabilities to companies that do not have the resources or capabilities to do the research themselves.

We make it easy!
To accommodate a wide variety of industry needs, Los Alamos has developed more than ten different formalized mechanisms for research partnerships. We can arrange whatever level of assistance you require, from performing a few experiments with virtually no exchange of information to long-term, cooperative research projects. Please visit www.lanl.gov/partnerships for more information.

May 21/2008

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