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Supercritical Fluids FacilityEstablished for collaborative R&D, the Supercritical Fluids Facility (SCFF) houses over 10,000 square feet of research, conference and office space. Over 1400 square feet of high bay area are dedicated to the most extensive array of supercritical fluids equipment in existence today.


The first Super Scrubâ„¢ unit was brought online in 1992. Since then, two additional pumping systems and four additional large, high-pressure vessels have been installed. These highly automated systems are the heart of the SCFF's diverse research activity.View Cell Unique prototyping research capabilities have enabled the facility to resolve, improve or change numerous industrial processes with the industrial application of supercritical fluids. For example, high-pressure visual cells with CCD-camera recording allow archiving of material and phase changes under pressure. Recently experimentation has been added for the study of CO2 geochemical sequestration. Analytical support instrumentation includes GC, GC-MS, TGA-MS, etc.

May 21/2008

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