Chemistry Division

Document Control/Records Management

Materials Database (reports, raw data) and Compatibility (reports, raw data)

The War Reserve Material Compatibility Board (WRMCB) web site currently provides access to over 12,500 materials compatibility and materials characterization reports from RFP, LANL, LLNL, Pantex and other sites. It also hosts a searchable database of process materials that link to a broad range of associated information for each. For instance, if a user searches for the term "oil", all of the oils that have been evaluated at LANL for WR manufacturing use will come up. If the user clicks on a specific oil, it will link to the record for that oil. The record contains links to the oil’s MSDS, procurement specification, LANL compatibility reports, RFP historical reports, and the minutes from every meeting that the oil was discussed. It is a"one stop shop" for all information related to process materials. This relational set up of databases could be customized to effectively manage data pertaining to soft materials.
Contact: Leisa Davenhall (505) 665-2943

QA/QC support (experimental protocols, data control, reports)

The Quality Team can provide a complete quality program to include sample management, data validation and verification, document control systems, performance evaluation participation, and various quality assessments. The system can be tailored to the client’s needs and can range from minimal data validation to producing completely legally defensible data. The sample management office can receive samples, maintain legally defensible chain of custodies, interface with clients and analysts, monitor workload and examine turnaround times. The document control systems can provide quality assurance plans and policies, standard operating procedures, material specifications, test methods, various document control systems, and classified document handling. The quality assessment function can provide quarterly and annual quality reports, perform internal and external quality audits, monitor preventive and corrective actions, conduct management observation verifications, monitor safety and security concerns, assess customer satisfactions, monitor numerous quality trends, generate trend reports, and conduct annual management reviews. All of these activities serve to protect the legal and financial rights of the Laboratory and individuals affected by Laboratory activities and ensure compliance to internal procedures, LANL policies, and DOE regulations.

We also have a qualified quality assurance team that serves the Industrial Hygiene Laboratory, the Materials Testing Laboratory and general analytical service and R&D activities. Our capabilities include document control and records management; sample management; procedure development; methods validation; data validation; standards and calibration tracking; audits, reviews, and assessments; and LIMS support.

  • Modeling Analysis

Contact: Sandra Cruz (505) 665-6855

February 2012

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