Chemistry Division

Materials Testing Laboratory

The Chemical Diagnostics and Engineering (C-CDE) group's Material Testing Laboratory supports the pit manufacturing materials compatibility testing requirements. The MTL team examines the effects of different processes and process materials on the final product. This cradle-to-grave approach to process modification is utilized at LANL primarily in nuclear weapons manufacturing.

Material Testing LaboratoryCommercial products (process materials) that directly contact with War Reserve (WR) components or WR product during the pit production process must be tested for compatibility and be certified for use. Such testing mitigates adverse interactions and protects the integrity of the WR components, materials and products.

At the MTL, we conduct material compatibility studies and then develop formal WRMCB-compliant test protocols to certify process materials with a variety of chemical or physical testing methods.

These pages provide an overview of MTL infrastructure and capabilities, along with links to publications and poster sessions authored by MTL team members.

October 30/2007

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