Chemistry Division

Liquid Analysis

Liquid Chromatography (LC), High Performance LC (HPLC) and LC/MS, Ion  and Chromatography (IC)

CDE maintains a robust arsenal of highly sensitive and analyte-specific liquid chromatographic instrumental capabilities utilized for ultra sensitive quantitation and identification of molecular and ionic chemical constituents. Among these, a Waters AllianceTM High Performance Liquid Chromatography system is particularly useful for the analysis of organic moieties. Detection modes include spectroscopic (photo diode array), and mass selective through incorporation of an interfaced quadrupole mass spectrometer (Waters Micromass ZQTM) which combines the physical separation capabilities of HPLC with the mass analysis capabilities of mass spectrometry. Ionic constituents (e.g. anions, cations, transition metals, etc.) are readily analyzed in solution at the sub part per million level utilizing ion chromatographic methodologies utilizing a state of the art DionexTM ICS 3000 system equipped with suppressed conductivity and pulsed amperometric detection modules.

Chromatograph methods are among the most widely used techniques for the analysis of polymer composition and for the determination of the molecular weight distribution. Further, the instrumentation described above is well suited for experimental designs aimed at determining structure-property relationships in polymer degradation studies i.e. those involving thermal and radiolytically aged polymer samples.

  • FTIR (solution)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC) and GC/MS Solution NMR
  • Raman Spectroscopy (point, mapping)

Contact: Dan Kelly (505) 665-7388

Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission (ICP/OES) and Mass Spec (ICP/MS)

Capabilities include elemental and isotopic analysis at the major, minor, trace, and ultratrace levels for most elements across the periodic table. Instrumentation include several Perkin Elmer Optima 4300 DV ICP-OES (TA59/0001 and TA46/24) , Perkin Elmer Elan 6100 ICP-MS (TA59/0001), Thermo Element 2 High Resolution ICP-MS (TA46/24), and a New Wave laser ablation system for direct solids sampling (TA46/24). We also have a Leco CHN elemental analyzer and total organic/inorganic carbon analyzer (TA46/24). To support the elemental analysis capabilities we have several Milestone ETHOS microwave ovens with both atmospheric and high-pressure vessels and sample grinding and ball milling systems (TA59/0001 and TA46/24).
Peter Stark (505) 667-5740
Tom Yoshida (505) 667-5740

Total Organic Carbon Analysis (TOC)

O.I. Analytical Model 1010 Wet Oxidation Total Organic Carbon Analyzer: An automated system for analyzing aqueous samples for total organic carbon and total inorganic carbon via an U.S. EPA-approved persulfate oxidation method. This system will measure 2 ppb to 12,500 ppm organic carbon.
Contact: Dan Kelly (505) 665-7388

CHN, CHNS and Oxygen

See CHN, CHNS and Oxygen in Solid Analysis section above.
Contact: Dan Kelly (505) 665-7388

Fluorescence/Raman Spectrosocopy

Ultrasensitive detection of trace aging and decomposition products through fluorescence and Raman fingerprinting. Includes Raman and fluorescence micro-imaging capabilities. Equipment located in TA46 and TA3.
Contact: Dan Kelly (505) 665-7388

Febuary 2012

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