Chemistry Division

Chemical Diagnostics and Engineering

The Chemical Diagnostics and Engineering Group combines engineering design with routine analytical services and state-of-the-art research in analytical chemistry. The primary customer base is stockpile manufacturing and support, surveillance, applied and basic energy sciences, threat reduction, public health, the environment, and space exploration. One key aspect of the analytical chemistry effort in C-CDE is promoting close interaction of routine analytical services and R&D programs. This allows our services teams to benefit from the latest technological advancements and it allows our R&D efforts to focus on practical problems facing the service sector.

LIBS - Backpack Instrument

Backpack Mounted LIBS for Nuclear Safeguard Monitoring

Experimental Breadboard MWDXRF System

Experimental Breadboard MWDXRF System
Improving nuclear material safeguards and security through collaboration between Los Alamos and X-ray Optical Systems

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