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    David Morris
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    Mark McCleskey
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    Phone: 505 667-4457

Thermal Explosions Caught on Film

Research by Chemistry Division staff and collaborators in P, DX, and LANSCE has been featured in a Physical Focus Review article in Physical Review Letters. The focus article describes the researchers’ work on imaging thermal explosions at high speeds. Their work represents the first direct, real-time look at how a thermal explosion unfolds and releases its energy.

Read the PRL Review article,Thermal Explosions on Film” and watch a movie that shows a thermal explosion of HMX viewed from the side.  http://focus.aps.org/story/v21/st19

The full article published in PRL is titled, “Direct Observation of the Phenomenology of a Solid Thermal Explosion Using Time-Resolved Proton Radiography,” http://link.aps.org/abstract/PRL/v100/e228301 doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.100.228301 PACS: 82.33.Vx, 25.40.Cm, 82.30.Lp, 82.40.-g

Thermal explosion

After 37 microseconds, this explosive material shows a network of cracks. This and other phenomena appeared in the first set of direct images of a thermal explosion--the kind of explosion triggered by heating.

June, 2008

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