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Chemistry Work Captures Science News CoverScience News cover

The work of C-PCS’s Rich Schaller and Victor Klimov was featured on the cover of the June 3rd edition of the weekly magazine Science News. Schaller and Klimov are exploring ways of using nanocrystal quantum dots to multiply the output of solar cells.

Ordinary solar cells exposed to sunlight produce a single electron per photon, but semiconductor nanocrystals respond to photons with multiple electrons. The potential implications for the solar power industry are tremendous and have been generating much excitement in the news.

The complete Science News article can be found online in the June 3, 2006 edition. Volume 169, No. 22.

Schaller and  Klimov are members of the Softmatter Nanotechnology and Advanced Spectroscopy Team. Klimov is the team leader, and Schaller is a staff member on the team. You can read much more about them and their work on the  Softmatter Nanotechnology and Advanced Spectroscopy Team web site.

posted 7/06

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