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    Nan Sauer Wins Fellows Prize for Leadership

Chemistry Division’s Dr. Nancy N. Sauer has won the Laboratory 2004 Fellows Prize for Leadership. Nan is widely recognized for her ability to assemble technical teams and direct projects that are vital to the mission of the Laboratory. However, she is just as appreciated for her talent as a team leader, mentor, and member of the LANL technical community. According to Dr. Carol Burns, a former Deputy Division Leader and one of Nan’s nominators, she “…epitomizes the combination of vision, intelligence, enthusiasm, determination, and spirit of inclusion that motivates those associated with her programs to excel.”  She was awarded the prize for these reasons and many more.

One of Nan’s recent successes was as the lead on a multi-division team that was responsible for designing and implementing an important part of the DARHT facility. She followed up by taking a leadership role in analyzing the potential for beryllium release from the hydrotesting at DARHT. Her team was recognized with a 2002 DP Award of Excellence for the DARHT work.

In addition to assembling and guiding teams of talented individuals to address technical challenges, Nan has also garnered a reputation for very personal leadership skills. She has hired and mentored students at all levels from high school through post-graduate, and many of her students have gone on to staff positions at the Laboratory. According to Dr. Burns, Nan has “…selflessly recruited, included, and promoted the efforts of younger scientists at the Laboratory…and has directly touched the professional lives of many.”  Her efforts as a mentor were recognized by the Women’s Diversity Working Group with a Women’s Career Development Mentoring Award in 2002.

The purpose of the Fellows Prize for Leadership is to recognize the immense value of leadership in science and engineering at the Laboratory, and to stimulate the interests of talented young staff members in developing the skills and making the personal sacrifices necessary to become effective leaders.


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