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    David Morris
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    Mark McCleskey
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Reagent-less Optical Biosensor Wins FLC Mid-Continent Award

The Reagent-less Optical Biosensor (ROB) won an award at the 2010 Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Mid-Continent and Far West Regional Meeting in Jackson Hole, WY (8/31 – 9/2, 2010). The FLC is a nationwide network of federal laboratories that strives to link laboratory-developed technologies and expertise with the private sector. More than 250 major federal laboratories and centers and their parent departments and agencies are FLC members. Engineered Handheld Waveguide Instrument

The FLC Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer recognizes employees of FLC member laboratories and non-laboratory staff who accomplished outstanding work in transferring federally developed technology. LANL’s Reagent-less Optical Biosensor (ROB) technology identifies and quantifies pathogenic proteins in complex fluid samples. The technology consists of a protein-specific assay cartridge and a sensor readout unit. The hand-held biosensor is battery operated, reagent free, simple to use, and gives results in less than 15 minutes. Because the assay is contained in an inexpensive disposable cartridge, it can detect different pathogens by switching the cartridge. ROB requires little or no training for users, and it provides robust sensitivity and specificity at lower costs than competing technologies. Team members are Basil Swanson (Chemistry, C-DO), Harshini Mukundan (Physical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, C-PCS), and Karen Grace (Space Instrumentation Systems, ISR-4). Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corporation licensed ROB.

Biosensor Team

October 2010

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