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Chemistry Student to Attend Nobel Laureates Meeting

Dominique Price to Atend Nobel Laureates MeetingChemistry Division graduate student Dominique Price has been selected to attend the 61st Nobel Laureates meeting this summer in Lindau, Germany. The Lindau meeting is dedicated to physiology and medicine and takes place from June 25 to July 2.

Attendance at the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting is highly competitive, with 500 attendees accepted from over 20,000 applicants. The annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings provide a globally recognized forum for the transfer of knowledge between generations of scientists. Lectures of the Nobel Laureates reflect current scientific topics and present relevant fields of research of the future. In panel discussions, seminars, and during the various events of the social program, young researchers interact with Nobel Laureates.

Price works with the Biosensor Team in Chemistry Division, under the supervision of Harshini Mukundan and Aaron Anderson, both of whom nominated her for the Lindau conference. The Biosensor team is developing new biosensor technologies for rapid diagnosis of pathogens. Their focus is on the use of multichannel waveguides to detect pathogens. Pathogens of interest include national security threats (anthrax, botulism) as well as medically important organisms and conditions (influenza, breast cancer, tuberculosis). Price’s own major efforts have been on the development of assays for the detection of tuberculosis. According to Mukundan, “Her dedication and perseverance are commendable….she is always ready to try new approaches, explore alternative strategies and validate her hypothesis, often working late into the night to achieve her goals.” Price is currently enrolled as a doctoral student in the University of New Mexico Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program.

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March 2011

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