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Frontier Research in Chemical Physics
27 June, 2006; Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos, New Mexico

The Symposium commemorates the science and life of George Kwei focusing on the three decades he spent at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Nine speakers who worked with Kwei at various stages of his career will demonstrate how his fundamental studies of molecular dynamics and structure have influenced current research. These talks are designed for a broad audience. Summer students in physics, chemistry, biology, and materials science are welcome.

A reception, buffet dinner, and concert will follow the Symposium and are free of charge.


Chemistry Division Contact: Steve Buelow, buelow@lanl.gov, (505) 667-1178

Chemical Sciences, Geosciences & Biosciences Division, the Office of Basic Energy Sciences, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Chemistry Division, and the Chief Science Officer are gratefully acknowledged for their partial support of this Symposium. LA-UR-06-4077. posted 6/12/06.



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