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Greg Kubas wins Basolo Medal

Dr. Greg Kubas wins Basolo MedalChemistry Division’s Dr. Greg Kubas, a long-time LANL scientist and now affiliate, has been awarded the Fred Basolo Medal from Northwestern University. The Fred Basolo Medal was established by the former students of Fred Basolo in appreciation for his contributions to inorganic chemistry at Northwestern University.

Kubas’s own contributions to science are widely recognized. He is known throughout the world for his discovery and characterization of transition metal complexes containing chemically bound hydrogen molecules (H2). Unlike in metal hydrides, H2 gas can be reversibly added or removed from the solid complexes at ordinary temperatures and pressures, an important feature for future hydrogen fuel systems.

Because of this discovery, Kubas is recognized as the founder of an entire field of research, a distinction that few others can claim. In 2001, Kubas published a monograph entitled Metal Dihydrogen and Sigma-Bond Complexes: Structure, Theory, and Reactivity (Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, August 1, 2001). The monograph, which has quickly become the field standard, describes Kubas' discovery of dihydrogen coordination and the study of its structure and general properties. It also looks at both the theory and experimental results of bonding and activation of dihydrogen on metal centers.

Greg Kubas retired from the Laboratory in 2010 but retains affiliate status. The Basolo includes an honorarium and an invitation to present a lecture in October of 2011 as part of the honor.

January 2011

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