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Hung-Ju Yen Selected Oppenheimer Postdoctoral Fellow

Engineered Handheld Waveguide InstrumentHung-Ju Yen's main research interest lies in the organic synthesis of electroactive, high refractive polymers and functional nanographeneswith tailored optical and electronic properties. Triarylamine derivatives synthesized by Hung-Ju have led to the world’s best electrochromic devices in terms of electroactive reversibility and coloration efficiency. He uses multi-step organic synthesis of nanographene derivatives with tunable solubility and catalytic activity to design electrochromic, light-emitting, gas separation, lithium-ion battery, and memory devices.

Hung-Ju also uses a combined organic synthesis and simulation approach to provide design principle of molecules with optimized energetic to control the flexibility, turn on voltage, cycles, life-time, and stability for memory devices. Bio: Hung-Ju is mentored by Hsing-Lin Wang (C-PCS). He received his Ph.D in Polymer Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University and his B.S. and M.S. in Applied Chemistry at National Chi Nan University. He completed his Ph.D. degree with the 1st prize of PhD graduates from National Taiwan University (NTU) under the guidance of Prof. Guey-Sheng Liou. He joined LANL after working as a postdoctoral researcher at NTU for a year. He has written/involved in several grant proposals funded by National Science Council, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Institute of Nuclear Energy Research. His current research interest is in the bottom-up oorganic synthesis of organosoluble and functional nanographenes for organic electronic and energy devices.

March 3, 2014

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