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Dr. Carol Burns Wins Fellow's Prize

Dr. Carol Burns wins Los Alamos Fellows Prize

Carol Burns, Deputy Division Leader of the Chemistry (C) Division, is one of three Los Alamos employees to receive the 2002 Laboratory Fellows Prize. The other two are Robert Hixon of DX-2 and Roman Moshovich of MST-10. Carol burns photo

Burns, Hixson and Movshovich will be honored at a Fellows Prize colloquium later this year. The honorees will give a 15-minute presentation summarizing their prize-winning research and will receive a $3,000 check and certificate. The colloquium will be open to all Lab personnel.

The Fellows Prize recognizes high-quality published research in science and engineering that has a significant impact on a particular field or discipline.

A committee of Laboratory Fellows reviews nominations for the award. Nominees must be full-time Lab employees; however, fellows and postdoctoral researchers are ineligible for consideration. The committee received 11 nominations in 2002.

Burns was recognized for her outstanding contributions to the understanding of metal-ligand multiple bonding in organometallic chemistry of actinide elements. Her contributions as an intellectual leader of this research have resulted in theorists and experimentalists rethinking long-held paradigms about the reactivity, structure and bonding of f-series elements. She has single-handedly systematized the study of complexes bearing metal-ligand multiple bonds which opens up a new area in actinide chemistry that involves reactive uranium imido complexes.

"I'm deeply honored by this award. I believe the award is a recognition of the combined efforts of the incredibly talented postdocs, students and collaborators that I've had the privilege to work with in the Los Alamos actinide chemistry community," said Burns.

Burns earned a doctoral degree in inorganic chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley in 1987. She graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Rice University in Houston.

Burns is a technical reviewer for the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, American Chemical Society and for European journals. She participates as an external reviewer for doctorate thesis committees for the University of British Columbia and the University of New Mexico. She also is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Chemical Society. She was awarded the Los Alamos National Laboratory Women's Diversity Working Group Women's Career Development Mentoring Award in 2002.

Excerpted from a story by Kathryn Ostic (http://www.lanl.gov/worldview/news/releases/archive/03-009.shtml)

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