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R. Tom Baker

David Thorn

  Chemistry Division Scientists Involved in
New NSF-Sponsored Chemical Bonding Center


Chemistry division staff members David L. Thorn and R. Tom Baker are co-investigators in a new Chemical Bonding Center sponsored by the National Science Foundation (Chemical and Engineering News, October, 11, 2004). The Center for the Activation & Transformation of Strong Bonds (CATSB) is the largest of the three recently-funded centers, with 12 investigators located at seven different institutions across the country. Based at the University of Washington, this center is led by chemistry professor Karen I. Goldberg and includes prominent chemists from Rochester, Yale, Rutgers, North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and UC Santa Barbara. The goal of the center, as the name suggests, is to find new methods of activating and transforming strong bonds such as C-C, C-H and C-N. The NSF program encourages researchers to tackle large-scale, high-risk problems in chemistry through collaborative groups of scientists and engineers from around the country who join to form a virtual center. Thorn and Baker are inorganic chemists in LANL’s Actinide, Catalysis and Separations Science group (C-SIC) with broad experience in organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis.



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