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Article Captures May 10th Applied Optics Cover


A paper co-authored by LANL staff members Scott Greenfield (C-ADI) and Aaron Koskelo (N-3) was featured on the cover of the May 10th edition of the journal Applied Optics. The paper is titled, “Three-wavelength electronic speckle pattern interferometry with the Fourier-transform method for simultaneous measurement of microstructure-scale deformations in three dimensions,” and it describes a new method of capturing 3D displacement maps of deformations at high speed.

The method uses three interferometers and three different wavelengths of visible light captured by CCD cameras to create the images. It requires no mechanical adjustments between frames and will be used in imaging grain-level deformations in materials during energetic events and in studying the mechanics of creep in polycrystalline films. The system was built at Harvey Mudd College (HMC) as a HMC Engineering Clinic Project in collaboration with Greenfield and Koskelo. The project was a special LDRD-sponsored effort begun by Allen Hartford (then director of LANL’s Science and Technology Base office) to develop collaboration between Harvey Mudd College and LANL. Harvey Mudd College is one of the nation’s pre-eminent undergraduate institutions for engineering, and this initiative helps develop an early-career pipeline of students who could become future staff at the Lab. Harvey Mudd’s effort was lead by Professor Lori Bassman and several of her students. Professor Bassman’s research was funded by NSF.

Authors: Eric B. Flynn, Lori C. Bassman, Timothy P. Smith, Zamir Lalji, Laurel H. Fullerton, Tommy C. Leung, Scott R. Greenfield, and Aaron C. Koskelo
Vol. 45, Iss. 14,  May 10, 2006,  pp: 3201-3394

The full paper is available at: http://ao.osa.org/abstract.cfm?URI=ao-45-14-3218

posted 5/25/06, jes

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