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Etching with ENABLE

Researchers from Chemistry Division's Advanced Diagnostics and Instrumentation Group have demonstrated high-aspect-ratio nanostructures "written" into polymeric materials. They have utilized a technique exclusive to LANL called Energetic Neutral Atom Beam Lithography/Epitaxy (ENABLE) for selective etching of polymers with sub-100nm features and aspect-ratios as high as 35:1. Shown are 400 nanometer wide letters defined by e-beam lithography and etched into a 3.1 micron thick polyimide film. Properties of the atomic beam allow precisely defined nanoscale formations to be created in a variety of polymeric materials in ways not possible with conventional lithographic techniques.

In other experiments, the researchers have grown semiconducting GaN thin films at low temperatures having crystallinity exceeding that of conventional high-temperature grown materials.   The unique surface chemistry afforded by ENABLE permits the deposition of high-quality GaN-based materials at low temperatures, opening new opportunities for making efficient light emitters that are of great technological importance. These and other results of experiments conducted by C-ADI researchers will be presented at the annual meeting of American Physical Society in Montreal, Canada in late March.

Researchers: Mark Hoffbauer, Elshan Akhadov, Alex Mueller
Group: C-ADI
Date: 3/17/04

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