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Dalton Article

Aluminum-nitrogen Compounds Capture Dalton Cover

An article written by SIC researchers Piyush Shukla, John C. Gordon,and Brian Scott in association with University of Texas researchers Alan H. Cowley and Jamie Jones is featured on the cover of Issue 6, April 2005 of the Dalton Transactions (http://www.rsc.org/is/journals/current/dalton/dt005006.htm. The article discusses a rich crop of interesting aluminum-nitrogen compounds that continues to accrue from the reactions of organoaluminum complexes with amines.   Some of the resulting compounds have proved to be useful in the context of materials science, e.g. as precursors for the deposition of thin films of aluminum nitride. The Dalton article looks at aluminium-nitrogen compounds and their potential use as reagents for preparing a-diimine, b-diimine, and b-ketoimine ligands.  These ligand classes are assuming increasingly important roles in various catalytic processes as well as for the stabilization of unusual oxidation states and bonding situations.

Dalton cover

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