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Development of Rapid Diagnostics Using the Waveguide-based Optical Biosensor

Video presentation by Harshi Mukundan, LANL, recorded 8/25/10.

Basil I. Swanson and Harshini Mukundan, Principal Investigators.


For best results, right click on your preferred format and save the video to your hard drive rather than streaming it from this server. Streaming will be much slower. You will need a video viewer on your system. If you do not have one installed, Quicktime will work for the Macintosh platform, and Windows Media Player will work for the PC. It is suggested that you download the pdf and follow along with the video using the high resolution version of the slides. The Quicktime format will provide the highest quality viewing.

Download Harshini Mukundan's Presentation in PDF format (3MB).

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